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GoMath: my.hwr.com

Need extra help with IXL R.5 and R.8 watch:

R.5 help:



R.8 help:



Reading link:

Achieve: http://https://login.achieve3000.com/index

Below you will find our schedule for conferences. If there is a blank, then it is avalable.

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Welcome to Room 705!!

Here are the pictures to help you with for homework! Have a great weekend!



FullSizeRenderI am so very excited to have you all in my classroom! Thank you for visiting our site!!

Please look around and let me know if you have any questions.


Ms. Yaomoto

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Writing Frames


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Math Homework 1/6/15

1. 567.89 + 84.6

2.  3076.45- 32.6

3. 15.5 x 4.5

4. 67.45 x 3.2

5. What is the place value of each digit I the following number?


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Social Studies Notes

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Since some of us couldn’t find the homework, here it is.

Math homework 11/10/14

1. If Aniza finished 14 problems and there are 70 total problems, what percent of problems did she complete?

2. What is the unit rate for $12.50/4 tickets?

3. When Carla looked out at the school parking lot, she noticed that for every 2 minivans, there were 5 other types of vehicles. If there are 161 vehicles in the parking lot, how many of them are not minivans?

4.Jill and Erika made 4 gallons of lemonade for their lemonade stand. How many quarts did they make? If they charge $2.00 per quart, how much money will they make if they sell it all?

5.Find 40% of 60 using two different strategies, one of which must include a pictorial model or diagram.

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Homework 11/10/14

Tonights homework is under the homework tab.

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Lesson 27: Exit Ticket help

$40 represents the amount that’s leftover. If 20% has already been taken away, what percent is left over? The $40 represents what’s left over.

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Percent videos to help with HW


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Math Homework 11/5/14

1. Mrs. Diaz bought a sweater for her husband. The sweater was 25% off. If the original price of the sweater was $30, how much did Mrs. Diaz pay? Think: What is the part, whole, and percent?

2. What is 75% of 60?

3.Using a ratio table, give three equivalent rate to the following rate. Please include the unit rate as one of your rates.
50 miles/ 5 hours

4. I needed to buy cookies for my class. I went to two different stores to find the better buy. Costco had 3 pounds of cookies for $3.50 while Smart n’ Final had 4 pounds for $4.75. Which store should I buy the cookies from?

5. In a math class, the girl to boy ratio is 4 to 5. If there are a total of 25 boys, how many girls are there? How many total students? Show your work on a tape diagram.

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