Welcome Back!

Dear Families of Room 705,

   I would like to take this opportunity to welcome returning and new students to Rice Elementary.  I am extremely excited to get the year started and eager to meet the families of my students.  I encourage parents to come in and introduce themselves to me.  I am available before school, after school, through e-mail, or by phone.

In an effort to get to know each other, let me tell you a little about myself.  I graduated from San Diego State University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Science, and I am currently working on my Masters is Teaching with an emphasis in Language Arts.  While obtaining a multiple subject teaching credential, I completed my student teaching at McMillin in a third and sixth grade classroom.  I have gained valuable experience working with students at all grade levels, and I am dedicated to teaching.  I believe in engaging and effective lessons.  I hold high expectations for both my students and myself.

To make your student’s last year at Rice Elementary a memorable one, I have included a few procedures that will make the school year run smoothly.  As a new sixth grade student, your child will be expected to demonstrate high levels of independence, responsibility, and respect.  Teamwork is extremely important which is why our administrators, teachers, parents, and students are all committed to making your student’s educational experience as enjoyable as possible.  Communication and consistency are key elements to success; therefore, I would appreciate your support in carrying out all classroom expectations and procedures.



Ms. Yaomoto

(619) 420-7071 ext. 4575



Discipline Policy

The goal is to have a safe classroom, with minimal interruptions to student learning.  I believe in providing a fair and consistent environment where students are eager to learn and share their ideas.  The following are classroom rules that are expected to be followed at all times:

1.     Come prepared and participate in all activities.

2.   Be professional at all times.

3.   Create and maintain a safe learning environment.

4.   Follow directions/instructions first time given.

Homework Policy

Your child will be expected to write in their writing journal 2-3 times a week.  Students will be given a possible writing topic in class or are able to write about any topic of their choice as long as they write a complete half page.  Your child will read at least 20-30 minutes every evening Monday-Friday and a parent signature is required every Thursday to verify.  Language arts and math homework are assigned daily and will be turned in promptly on the next school day, unless otherwise specified by the teacher.  Social studies, science, and writing/vocabulary homework may also be assigned.  Students are expected to record their homework and any announcements in their daily planners.  It is the student’s responsibility to study for upcoming tests.  Teachers will give students a study guide providing ample amount of time to study.  Teachers will also post testing dates, homework, and announcements on their classroom blog. For my class, the blog is https://nicoleyaomoto.wordpress.com. Please refer to this website of your child is absent.

Homework is checked on a regular basis and is expected to be completed at home.  If homework is not completed will spend morning recess completing the assignment.  Parents are expected to review student planners on a daily basis and sign every Thursday night.

Yellow Progress Cards

Your child will have a progress card with them daily that will track their homework assignments, classroom assignments, attendance,  and citizenship.  It is kept in their planners so that it is with them at all times.  Parents are to sign the card at the end of each month; however, it serves as a daily progress card that you are encouraged to check daily.  Each day of the week is worth 20 points meaning the week is worth 100 points.

-An “HW” means they missed HW that day- 5 points

-A “C,” means they were not showing good citizenship that day- 5 points

-A “CW” means they did not complete their classwork for the day- 5 points

-An “A” means they were absent for the day- 5 points

-If it is blank, that means they had a good day. J


Parent Volunteers

Parents are always welcome to volunteer and participate in the learning community.  You are an important stakeholder in your child’s education and are welcome to contribute in any way possible.  Feel free to contact me in regards to volunteering.

 Grading policy

Grades for tests, homework, and class assignments are based on a rubric scale.

  • 95%-100%                    4 Exceeds Expectations
  • 80%-94%                      3 Meets Standard
  • 60%-79%                      2 Approaching Standard
  • 59% and below      1 Below Standard

Thank you for your support,


Ms. Yaomoto

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3 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. Jardin

    My favorite subject is science ,because I like the periodic table.

  2. John Villalpando

    Hi Ms. Yaomoto! Its me writing from my phone so I don’t have to use a computer.My favorite suject in school is math because I like to work fast with numbers and Ilike to write!

  3. Carlos Fernandez

    I think the answer is D because A dose not make sens

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