Leave me a comment

Write me a comment describing something that you are excited for this year and why.

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18 thoughts on “Leave me a comment

  1. michael.r

    I am exited for 6th grade camp because my sister got to go and she said it was really awsome and my brother was not able to go because it was burned down and he was really mad so it must have been fun

  2. ivon perez

    I’m excited because we are going to have alot of fun.

  3. Marlene Vidrio

    I am excited for feild trips becuase its fun and adventures.sometimes it is funny and sometimes it is not funny but also fun to see with your friends also becuase you get to adventure your favorite places with your friends or familys and thats why i like to go to feild trips with friends and familys.

  4. juan V.

    im excited for the field trips and 6th grade graduation

  5. here!


    I am excited because this saturday im going to LOS ANGELES.

  7. Kevin Carrillo

    I really like your class.I was glad you weren’t a strict teacher

  8. juan V.

    i forgot to say why : because i like to go to fun field trips :0

  9. Lara Toledo

    I am excited for 6th grade camp

  10. Wendy M.

    I am super excited for this year because we get to go to 6th grade camp , also because i want to know about this year’s field trip!!!!!?!!! 🙂

  11. Adrian

    I am excited for science and 6th grade camp this year!!!

  12. Brian Machado

    I cant wait to go on a field trip!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  13. Magdiel Rodriguez

    Great Site Ms. Yaomoto!

  14. Marlene Vidrio

    I can’t wait for 6th grade camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. parent

    What timeis the back to school night?

    • Back to School Night is from 5:30-7:00 August 16, 2012. The evening will begin in the auditorium with a presentation from the PTA. Once the meeting is over, parents will be free to go to their child’s classroom.

  16. Destiny

    I cant wait for 6th grade camp becuas it will be fun to hange out with a lot of 6th graders.

  17. Marlenev.

    I can’t wait for back to school night 🙂

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