Leave me a comment number 2

Tell us something that we should know about you. Remember your punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

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38 thoughts on “Leave me a comment number 2

  1. vianna izquierdo

    I’m shy, fun, and play video games.

  2. destiny

    Ilove therball

  3. Kmiberly Morfin

    I like soceer (: … Biie (:

  4. Marlene Vidrio

    Hi Ms.Yaomoto,
    One thing you should know about me is that I like pink. I also like to have fun too.

  5. michael .r

    I am exited for six grade camp.

  6. Mr.lake .............. its me tyrone

    Hi.One thing u should know about me is that i can be a good student, and also a bad student

  7. Adrian

    I like to play soccer.

  8. Jardin

    I like to swim laps in a pool when I have free time, and I am a good student.

  9. John Villalpando

    Hello everybody! I like to help out in my house and I also love the lime and lemon colors. [green and yellow] One more thing, I llove to have friends and help everyone out. Tell me if you ever need help.

  10. Wendy Marquez

    Well something you should know about me is I like helping people even though im a little bit shy especially in public speaking,umm…also my favorite color is purple.I am looking foward 4 this year!!!! Oh yea forgot to mention my favorite sports are soccer and softball. :]

  11. Wendy Marquez

    Oh and I write alot people sorry Ms.Yaomoto . Your the BEST Ms.Yaomoto!!

  12. Kim :D

    Good Morning Ms.Yaomoto 😀

  13. Tyrone

    good morning ms.yaomoto 🙂

  14. juan

    im a good student 🙂

  15. victor

    one thing you should know about me is i like bas ketball

  16. oscar

    i cant wait for our class first field trip

  17. magdiel

    hi im magdiel

  18. Chris

    hi im CHRIS im a good student

  19. leslie salgado

    Ms. yaomto you are a reallly nice teacher in this 6th grade year.

  20. Lara Toledo

    I writing is my favorite subject.

  21. patricia

    I like to go swimming.

  22. brianna

    hi my name is BRIANNA
    my favorite thing to do is listening to music with my family…

  23. JUAN .G

    im exaited for 6th grade camp

  24. kevin

    I realy like your class.

  25. Ivon Perez

    Ms.Yaomoto u are one of my best teachers that i can ever have in 6th grade

  26. Marlene Martinez

    Hi Ms.Yaomoto I Just Wanted To Say That You Are A Good 6th Grade Teacher

  27. i am kind of shy to make new friends

  28. vianna izquierdo

    im so happy and very very saddddddddddddddddddddddd 😦 but im happy im going to see my cousens an st louis mersery but whats sad that my uncle died

  29. does anyone know what the the homework is

  30. Brianna

    Hi ms yaomoto I just want to say u are the best!!!!!

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