Student Council Responsibilities

Student Council Officers

5th Grade

Vice President

  • Acts in behalf of the President when the President is not available
  • With the assistance of other members, proposes ideas to staff.
  • Attends all meetings and keeps the President informed if he/she unavailable.
  • Sends reminders to members about meetings


  • Keeps a record of who is attending the meetings and what happens
  • Maintains a calendar of meetings and events
  • Is responsible for thank you notes and other communications
  • Distributes minutes of meetings to teachers and PTA

6th Grade


  • Prepares agendas for the meetings
  • Presides over Student Council meetings
  • Assigns tasks to individuals
  • Represents the Student Council in the community
  • Makes sure the work of the Student Council is carried out
  • Presents the end of the year speech at 6th grade promotion


  • Keep a record of all student expenditures and income
  • Is responsible for developing the budget
  • Gives clear and simple reports at each meeting

 5th or 6th Grade

Public Relations

  • Must be computer savvy
  • Creates fliers and posters for events
  • Is in charge of printing and preparing the daily/weekly weather reports.

Reminds members of announcement schedules*All student council members will be expected to attend monthly meetings after school for approximately 45 minutes, maintain impeccable citizenship and academic performance, and attend community events to represent Rice Elementary

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