Math Homework October 21, 2014

1. Ellie grew 10 plants with 5 seed packets. With 6 seed packets, how many total plants can Ellie have in her backyard? Solve using unit rates.

2. In math class the ratio of girls to boys is 9 to 4. If there are a total of 26 students, how many girls are there? Use a tape diagram to solve.

3. Denise took a total of 6 quizzes over the course of 2 weeks. How many weeks of school will Denise have to attend this quarter before she will have taken a total of 9 quizzes? Solve using unit rates.

4. If I bought 6 pencils for $2.70, how much did I pay for one pencil? Show on a model.

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4 thoughts on “Math Homework October 21, 2014

  1. Anonymous

    number 1 and 3 were confusing to me

    • Susie,
      Number one you need to find how many plants come from 1 packet of seeds. Once you find that, then you can find how many plants are in 6 packs of seeds. Try to organize your information in a double number line or t-chart.
      Number 2, you know the ratio of boys to girls, 9 to 4, use this information to create a tape diagram. Then divide 26 evenly into the 9 pieces for boys and 4 pieces for girls.
      Number 3, use the same method as number one to help you solve.

      I hope this helps.

      -Ms. Yaomoto

  2. Saul F

    i didn’t know we could leave coments cool

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