Math Homework October 23, 2014

1. Vons and Alberson’s are having a sale on chips. Von’s is selling 5 bags of Doritos for $9.00 while Albertson’s is selling 6 bags for $11.40.

a. What is Vons unit rate? (Price per bag)

b. What is Albersons’ unit price? (Price per bag)

c. Which is the better buy? Why?

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26 thoughts on “Math Homework October 23, 2014

  1. Anonymous

    I’m coming on Friday

  2. linneth vega

    this is easy (I think)

  3. linneth vega

    never mind

  4. linneth vega

    yah I got it now I was dividing by 2 (oops)

  5. linneth vega

    Ms. Yaomoto on the planner It said redo #3 from class what does that mean?

  6. its easy didnt we do this already?

  7. ramona

    i need help with it

  8. Saul F


  9. ivan

    hello people XD but will we have anymore games like the one where i danced LOL

  10. ivan

    ms y can i change the profile picture beacuse i want to pweas :3

  11. Johnny

    Ms.Y this is easy

  12. Johnny

    MS Y This is so easy



  14. Brownie Girl

    Ms. Tailoring u forgot a t in albertson’s. Do I get a ticket 😃

  15. linneth vega

    ms yaomoto you didn’t post a new math homework O,O

  16. linneth vega

    nvm I see it oops

  17. linneth vega

    ms y I didn’t turn in my homework from yesterday can I turn it in tomorrow? (I was late)

  18. ivan

    were going to a restruant thats y so can i ms.y :3

  19. ivan

    thx and as for u ms.y happy b-day as well 😀

  20. tubooron

    ms.y how u doing we miss u 😦

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