Math homework

1. Victor, Sydney, and Kai competed in a race. They each ran at a different pace. Who would win if, Victor runs 15 yards in 3 minutes, Sydney runs 27 yards in 9 minutes, and Kai runs 49 yards in 7 minutes?

2. If the ratio of girls to boys is 2:4. How many boy are there if there’s are a total of 236 students?

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6 thoughts on “Math homework

  1. linneth vega

    is this the same on as yesterday?

  2. linneth vega

    do we have to copy the questions down because it takes me longer writing than to solve it

  3. linneth vega

    ms yaomoto u wrote if there’s are do I get a ticket?

  4. linneth vega

    u wrote “if there’s are”

  5. linneth vega

    Ms. yaomoto I forgot my colorful pens in my desk for the chimpanzee article. WHAT DO I DO?

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