Homework 10/30/14

Perseus video:

Math homework
1. Write 0.60 as a percent and fraction? Show your work.
2. Ms. Yaomoto thinks that 3/5 is equal to 30%, is she correct? Why or why not?
3. Use a model to prove your answer from question 2.

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15 thoughts on “Homework 10/30/14

  1. linneth vega

    medusa is so creepy

  2. linneth vega

    mS. Yaomoto I don’t get the first one on the math homework

  3. estefany bedolla

    Ms.yaomoto can I do the video during class because my computer doesn’t let me see it

  4. Johnny

    Ms.Y I am confused for the medusa and persus

  5. Johnny

    Ms.Y I am also confused with #1

  6. Diego #21

    Ms. Y can we bring iPads tomorrow to take pictures

  7. Anonymous

    Ms.Y is it okay if for the video I a t chart

  8. anais

    loved the cartoon but was so different either way it was creepy just in time for Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!see you tomorrow

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