Math Homework 11/5/14

1. Mrs. Diaz bought a sweater for her husband. The sweater was 25% off. If the original price of the sweater was $30, how much did Mrs. Diaz pay? Think: What is the part, whole, and percent?

2. What is 75% of 60?

3.Using a ratio table, give three equivalent rate to the following rate. Please include the unit rate as one of your rates.
50 miles/ 5 hours

4. I needed to buy cookies for my class. I went to two different stores to find the better buy. Costco had 3 pounds of cookies for $3.50 while Smart n’ Final had 4 pounds for $4.75. Which store should I buy the cookies from?

5. In a math class, the girl to boy ratio is 4 to 5. If there are a total of 25 boys, how many girls are there? How many total students? Show your work on a tape diagram.

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25 thoughts on “Math Homework 11/5/14

  1. Do we have to write all the problems because they are long

  2. For number one can’t you only divide by 10s and also is the 30 the part?

  3. I don’t get #1 I watched the video

  4. Is a t-chart the same as a ratio table

  5. do we right all the question
    or put them by number

  6. 1 is hard

  7. Estefany

    I miss u Ms. Yaomoto and my friends

  8. Johnny

    Ms.Y #1 is hard

  9. Number one it asking you what is 25% of $30. Once you find that you subtract it from the original price.

  10. Susie #12

    I could not find out the division for nimber 4

  11. anais

    so miss yaomoto 40 is 20 percent or that just is after the 20%

  12. anais

    ms yaomoto i don’t understand math!!!!!!!!!!! and getting frustrated

  13. anais


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