Social Studies Notes

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15 thoughts on “Social Studies Notes

  1. Ivan

    Ms.yaomoto Anthony said that you’ll bring your x box is that true for the complement party

  2. linneth vega

    ms y I forgot my planner at my desk I did my reading log in a separate piece of paper. on the four choices I am on week 13 I think do I have to turn in?

  3. linneth vega

    are those my notes?

  4. Diego (9+10=21)

    Ms yaomoto i forgot my social studies notebook do i do it on a separate paper??

  5. Johnny Ayala

    Ms.Y do we have to do our paragraph on our language arts journal?

  6. TURTLE #31

    i am the turtle!!

  7. Tubooron #22

    Ms y u cant put the sentence anymore??

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